Professional Development

Inspiring Vision and Action

Metiri Group facilitators work with states, school districts, individual schools, groups of educators, and providers of professional development to design exciting and effective programs tailored to meet the demanding needs of today’s classroom practice. Our team of facilitators are all educators who have worked in classrooms and several have also held administrative roles within schools and school districts.

We offer four levels of professional development including:

  1. Independent Online
  2. Virtual Support and Coaching
  3. Face-to-Face
  4. On-site Coaching

Our online professional development provides access to online courses with built in assessments; PLC integration guides; tip-sheets for strategy integration; and multimodal, personalized professional learning materials. Our online professional development is designed to bring teachers strategies and tools they can implement immediately in their classroom and advance learning opportunities for students over time.

Virtual support provides engaging, private online communities that allows the Metiri facilitators to leverage all of our resources and network to bring just-in-time materials to classroom teachers as they implement new models and strategies in their classrooms.

Our face-to-face professional development is personalized to meet the needs of teachers, schools, districts, and/or states. We leverage local resources and use a design process to ensure that professional development is tied to your goals. We tailor the schedule, content, and experiences to each unique context.

Metiri staff have provided on-site coaching and training for instructional coaches for over 15 years. Our on-site coaching provides an opportunity for teachers and leaders to benefit from Metiri’s knowledge base and understanding of digital learning. We provide structured feedback, lunch conversations, planning and implementation consultation, and instructional or curricular feedback on the classroom, school, and district level. This coaching focuses on implementation and meeting unique instructional goals. Metiri also provides coaching for digital learning coaches and has a well-developed model for planning and implementing instructional coaching for digital learning at the state, district, and school levels.

All of our offerings build on five components of effective professional development including:  

  • Presentation of information & theory
  • Modeling of strategy or skill
  • Practice in protected settings
  • Feedback on performance and “feedforward” to inform future practice
  • Coaching

Personalized professional development that Metiri has offered for teachers in the past includes:

  • Building Self-direction for Online Learning
  • Curriculum Frameworks for 21st Century Learning
  • Achieving Personalized Learning through Classroom Strategies
  • 21st Century Skills Research and Implementation Strategies
  • Designing Digital Curriculum for Classroom Use
  • Designing Authentic Learning Units Ideal for Mobile Devices
  • Smart Integration of the Newest Web and Mobile Tools for the Classroom
  • Classroom Planning for 1:1 Initiatives

Personalized professional development that Metiri has offered for district- and school-level leaders in the past includes:

  • Creating a Vision for 21st Century Learning
  • Digital Learning Coaches Training and Development Series
  • Leadership and Visioning for 21st Century Learning Organizations
  • Curriculum Frameworks for 21st Century Learning
  • Achieving Personalized Learning through Five Key Elements
  • 21st Century Skills Frameworks for District Integration
  • Developing Digital Curriculum
  • Designing Authentic Learning Units [Ideal for Mobile Devices]
  • Smart Integration of the Newest Web and Mobile Tools for the Classroom
  • Planning for One-to-One Initiatives

All of the Metiri’s professional development services are tailored to the role of attendees. Currently we offer services for:

  • Elementary teachers
  • Secondary teachers
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Career and technical educators
  • Media specialists
  • Non-academic specialists (physical education, music, art)
  • After-school program educators and staff
  • Parents and families (targeted at creating community support and engagement)
  • Instructional coaches


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