Measurement Tools

Aligned Measurement Tools

Since 2000, Metiri has collected a substantial library of measurement tools to help K20 educators understand current practice, determine needs, and plan strategic directions. In addition, Metiri has a series of measurement tools for collecting student data that can help drive PLC work and inform meaningful development of student skills at the classroom level. We currently offer measurement tools at the state, district, school, classroom, and individual teacher or individual student level. These tools can be easily tied to our professional development offerings and are often used to identify starting points for 1 to 3 year professional development plans.

Currently our measurement tools include:

  • Self-directed learning inventory (grades 5 and up)
  • Student engagement measures (grades 5 and up)
  • Learning environment assessment (administrator, teacher, and student surveys)
  • Site visit audit for self-direction
  • Instructional practice measures
  • Performance feedback through observations and artifact review
  • TRAx state level planning tool
  • TRAx school level planning and evaluation tool (administration, teacher, and student measures)
  • Structured site visit protocols aligned with the TRAx dimensions
  • Structured interview protocols aligned with the TRAx dimensions
  • Informal STEM learning participant interview protocols
  • Informal STEM learning observation protocols

For more information on using one of Metiri’s measurement tools, please contact Jody Britten for more information.