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Teaching Calculated Risk-Taking

Entrepreneurs aren’t risk-takers. They are calculated risk-takers. Research in entrepreneurship continually calls out the skill of calculated risk-taking as a key component of success. When you think of the “risk-takers” in the classroom, who comes...
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Increasing Tolerance for Ambiguity

Roughly 50% of entrepreneurs fail within the first five years of starting a business. One of the top documented reasons for that failure is that they wait to bring their idea, product, or service to market until they are 100% ready. They start with an...
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Teaching Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Entrepreneurs make decisions, successful entrepreneurs make decisions quickly and base their decisions on more than personal experience. Creating opportunities for learners to practice evidence-based reasoning and data-based decision-making can help...
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Developing Persistence

Long term, according to research reported by the U.S. Small Business Administration, about half of all new businesses fail in the first five years, and only one-third survive beyond the ten year mark. Stories abound of entrepreneurs who failed, often...
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Developing Self-Direction

Do you teach students who are underachieving–students who seem to be focused on completing assignments but not mastering skills or students who see poor performance as a personal failure rather than an opportunity to find new solutions or supports?...
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SAMR Model

This course is to be accessed in tandem with Jody Britten’s materials, professional development, or keynote speaking on the SMAR model and the transformation of teaching for learning. To learn more about having Jody work with your team contact her...
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