PATI Evaluation

Pennsylvania Technology Inventory

Metiri facilitates and reports on the results of the largest survey of education technology and 21st Century Skills and learning in the nation, including over 60,000 respondents and individual strategic planning reports to nearly 600 education agencies.

Each year teachers, administrators and technology directors within Pennsylvania’s more than 3,000 schools and LEAs are asked to complete various surveys that comprise the Pennsylvania Technology Inventory (PATI).

Data gathered from these surveys is used to provide an annual snapshot of technology in areas such as equipment in schools, infrastructure and connectivity and the impact of this technology on teaching, learning and administrative practices. Such aggregated data assists PDE and local officials in documenting the impact of technology funding for policy makers.

The PATI survey process is completed in two phases. The Technology Phase is centered on the collection of data regarding the current state of school and LEA technology resources and infrastructure across the Commonwealth. The Instructional Phase includes surveys of teachers and school administrators in the Commonwealth. The teacher and administrator surveys are designed to document the impact of technology on the teaching and learning practices in each school, as well as the administrative efficiencies that those technologies enable. Note that the teacher and administrator surveys are based on a framework for understanding the conditions that must be established if technology is to be used effectively in LEAs, schools and classrooms.