Supporting Local Data-Driven Decisionmaking

The broad implementation of standards-based accountability presents new opportunities and incentives for data use in education. The increase in data for districts and schools has intensified interest in data-driven decisionmaking at all levels of the education system. Data-driven decisionmaking—systematically collecting and analyzing an array of data, from administrative to achievement—guides decisions that improve student and school performance.

This report, responding to District of Columbia Office of State Superintendent of Education and Pennsylvania Department of Education requests, describes how Arkansas, Florida, Texas, and Virginia are supporting local data-driven decisionmaking. These states were chosen because they reported implementing the largest number of features of state longitudinal data systems and associated supports for local use (U.S. Department of Education 2009). The study documents statewide policies, prac- tices, and programs for creating data systems,

improving access to data, and building district and school capacity to use the data. [Read more…]