Digital Learner: Calculated Risk-Taking




Get access to the self-directed, personalized course on calculated risk-taking. Explore background knowledge, a pre-recorded webinar, strategies, and much more in multiple formats. Users will be able to complete a brief assessment to download their personalized certificate of completion. At the end of this course users will be able to:
– Identify what it means to take calculated risks.
– Discuss with their students how they can safely take calculated risks.
– Integrate strategies to foster calculated risk-taking.
– Teach their students these strategies, and share the goals of using those strategies.
– Reflect on their own practice that promotes calculated risk-taking, and how they take calculated risks.

Entrepreneurs aren’t risk-takers. They are calculated risk-takers. Research in entrepreneurship continually calls out the skill of calculated risk-taking as a key component of success. When you think of the “risk-takers” in the classroom, who comes to mind? What kind of risks do those students take? Does “risk-taking” have a positive or negative impact on that student’s learning, the learning of other students, and the classroom as a whole? Much of the information on risk-taking, especially when referring to early adolescents, focuses on keeping students from engaging in risky behaviors. There are several types of risk-taking however, many of which have a positive impact on student learning and on college, career, and entrepreneurial success. This course focuses on calculated risk-taking —a careful decision-making process that weighs all alternatives and emphasizes mitigating the risk along the way whenever possible. Through a rich set of background materials and strategies, we will provide clear definitions of the different types of risk-taking and their potential impacts on learning and the classroom environment.