Digital Learner: Evidence-Based Decision-Making




Get access to the self-directed, personalized course on evidence-based decision-making. Explore background knowledge, strategies, and much more in multiple formats. Users will be able to complete a brief assessment to download their personalized certificate of completion. At the end of this course users will be able to:
– Identify what it means to engage in evidence-based decision-making.
– Discuss with their students how evidence-based decision-making is used, and how it can help in the decision making process.
– Integrate strategies to help students practice evidence-based decision-making.
– Teach their students these strategies, and share the goals of using those strategies.
– Reflect on their own practice that promotes evidence-based decision-making and their own ability to make evidence-based decisions.

Entrepreneurs make decisions, successful entrepreneurs make decisions quickly and base their decisions on more than personal experience. Creating opportunities for learners to practice evidence-based reasoning and data-based decision-making can help them to better prepare for an information society where data is at the ready, but finding and making use of that data in timely ways takes practice! In this course we will provide a strong foundation of background knowledge on evidence-based decision-making and summarize strategies for classroom use.