Digital Learner: Self-Direction




Get access to the self-directed, personalized course on self-direction. Explore background knowledge, strategies, a pre-recorded webinar, and much more in multiple formats. Users will be able to complete a brief assessment to download their personalized certificate of completion. At the end of this course users will be able to:
– Identify what it means to be self-directed.
– Discuss with their students how being self-directed can help them be successful in school and in life.
– Integrate strategies to foster self-direction.
– Teach their students these strategies, and share class goals of using those strategies.
– Reflect on their own practice that promotes self-direction and their own ability to be self-directed.

Do you teach students who are underachieving–students who seem to be focused on completing assignments but not mastering skills or students who see poor performance as a personal failure rather than an opportunity to find new solutions or supports? If you answered “yes,” this course is for you. What such students may be lacking is self-direction, the ability to set goals, plan for learning, direct independent learning, and self-assess their knowledge. The good news is that, with the right instructional approaches, you can turn that situation around. Research indicates that gains in self-direction come with higher academic achievement, deeper learning, and a foundation for future entrepreneurship. In this course you will have access to background information and strategies that will help you to support the development of self-direction, a key 21st Century and entrepreneurial-readiness skill.