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[blockquote align=”right” author=”Cheryl Lemke”]”Learning Revolution is a step in the right direction. This platform provides a strong example of personalized professional learning for educators. Our goal is not just to deliver content, but also to model best practice and give educators some experience in learning via personalization. Having the chance to see what personalization can do for engagement of teachers in the learning process is the first step in making personalization possible for our students.”


Learning Revolution, a new personalized, online, professional learning platform for educators. While many educator professional learning opportunities are available, most use a one-size-fits-all model where all learners receive the same information in the same way over the same time period. Based on the research on how people learn, Learning Revolution provides personalized, self-directed professional learning. By leveraging multimodal, digital materials, Learning Revolution provides any-pace learning tailored to an individual’s learning needs. Funded in part by a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Grant, Learning Revolution fills a gap in the professional learning market by providing educators the opportunity to self-select resources, materials, and presentation formats to suit their own needs.

The web-based platform can be used by individuals and small groups of educators in professional learning communities, blended learning situations, or face-to-face. With the addition of wrap-around services provided by Metiri Group staff members, Learning Revolution is infinitely personalizable for any teacher, administrator, learning community, staff, or district.


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