Wrap-around Services

Metiri Group’s staff includes experienced educators who have many years of success implementing research-based instructional strategies and technologies in educational contexts. Combined with our research training and experience, we have a unique ability to translate research into usable instructional guidance for administrators and teachers at all levels. We are able to support educators as they strive to improve instruction through the implementation of digital teaching and learning initiatives, 21st Century skills, and data-driven instruction. Unlike many companies that deliver one-size-fits-all services, we tailor everything to meet the needs of each individual client. We love to talk to educators to learn about your successes and challenges and establish a partnership to improve teaching and learning in your district. Our areas of expertise include the following:

Students & Teachers Co-Learning

Metiri’s custom Learning Revolution platform can allow teachers and K-20 students to co-learn about the topics being presented together in one platform. K-20 students can access custom certificates, just like teachers and begin to create their own understanding of each skill and why it is important in their developing world (albeit personal or professional). Let us know if you would like custom pricing or would like to speak with someone further about your needs.


Metiri’s staff includes individuals who have many years of experience coaching educators at all levels, including administrators, teachers, and district- and building-level coaches, in order to facilitate change. While similar to, and often implemented in concert with professional development, coaching is a more in-depth process designed to support educators as they strive to implement new practices and improve learning opportunities for students. In addition to our coaching experience, our understanding of the research behind effective coaching practices helps us to both facilitate change and model effective coaching practice. Contact Jody Britten for more information.

Kick Off Keynotes and Presentations

Jody Britten and Cheryl Lemke have years of experience kicking off professional development series, helping create excitement and buzz around working with non-cognitive skills in schools, and helping to create a foundation that positions your teachers to engage with course content that includes dynamic examples of current practice in schools (many of those schools are former Metiri clients). Contact Jody Britten for more information.

Site Specific Courses 

We are pleased to announce that beginning in January of 2016 we can create entire courses specifically for your school or district or organization. These site specific courses can include facilitation, discussions, custom assignments, and custom PLC guides (among other custom options). Contact Jody Britten for more information.


Metiri’s staff has many years of experience providing facilitation and technical assistance, effectively working with groups of individuals to move conversations, thinking, and policies forward while emphasizing and capitalizing on the organization’s strengths and respecting and maintaining organizational culture. Contact Jody Britten for more information.  Examples of the types of activities we facilitate include…

  • Panel discussions
  • Logic modeling
  • Visioning, such as mission statements and goal setting
  • Online discussion forums and communities
  • Curriculum alignment
  • Unit and lesson planning
  • Instructional design

Data-driven decision-making

Metiri’s educators and researchers can assist your organization in selecting, gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data to inform decisions related to policy, practice, and instruction. We are experts at identifying appropriate measures to align with educational goals and objectives, including using existing measures and data, developing or revising measures as needed, and collaborating with educators to analyze and interpret the data to answer key questions to inform decisions and help your organization select the best resources based on the data. Contact Jody Britten for more information.

Needs assessments

The best way to have a program fail is to implement one that does not align with the needs of the organization. Needs assessments are an essential starting point to ensure that resources are targeted effectively and efficiently to achieve the ultimate goal of improving learning. Like all of our services, Metiri will tailor the approach to match your individual context. Our needs assessments focus on gathering data from all key stakeholders, synthesizing local data with relevant research, and providing insightful recommendations to inform an organization’s policies and practices. Given our broad expertise and wide range of resources, we can also provide the concrete solutions and resources to guide your next steps in addressing the identified needs of stakeholders. Contact Jody Britten for more information.

Professional development

Metiri’s staff has many years of experience providing professional development to target specific goals and objectives. Our staff combines solid pedagogical understandings built from many years in classrooms, schools, and districts with a deep knowledge of the research on teaching and learning. We use this combination to benefit educators by providing hands-on, relevant, ongoing, effective professional development that emphasizes changing instructional practice. While we have the ability to implement professional development via a variety of delivery systems, we work closely with your organization to select the format which will be most effective both in terms of delivery and in modeling the types of instructional practices that we are encouraging in classrooms. Our delivery modalities include face-to face, online (synchronous and asynchronous), and blended (combination of online and face-to-face).

Our grouping structures include large group, small group, one-on-one, or a combination of these; and we can also implement many formats such as train-the-trainer and Professional Learning Communities. We combine our deep knowledge of professional development with an understanding of the change process in order to ensure that the instruction individuals receive is translated into improved practice in classrooms.

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Program evaluation

Whenever a new initiative is put in place, assessing the implementation and impact is a key component to ensure that goals are met. Metiri’s research experience allows us to either conduct an external evaluation of the initiative, or to collaborate with educators to build your capacity to evaluate your own programs. Metiri believes that collaboration is key, so regardless of the type of evaluation we work closely with our clients to create a program logic model, establish evaluation questions, identify and obtain or design instruments, collect and analyze data, and communicate findings in order to inform future programming. Contact Jody Britten for more information.