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Self-directed, Personalized Professional Learning

Metiri Group has just released Learning Revolution, a new personalized professional learning platform for educators. While many educator professional learning opportunities are available, most use a one-size-fits-all model where all learners receive the same information in the same way over the same time period. Based on the research on how people learn, Learning Revolution provides personalized, self-directed professional learning. By leveraging multimodal, digital materials, Learning Revolution provides any-pace learning tailored to an individual’s learning needs. Funded in part by a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Grant, Learning Revolution fills a gap in the professional learning market by providing educators the opportunity to self-select resources, materials, and presentation formats to suit their own needs. See our growing list of personalized professional learning courses or partner with Metiri to utilize our platform to share your course content. Have an idea for a course? Let us know and we would love to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you!

What is personalized professional learning? In the 2015 National Educational Technology Plan, this professional learning is articulated as ongoing, relevant professional learning that is designed with support from experts, and aligned to a vision for learning that supports, model, encourages, and creates opportunities for personalized professional learning. At Metiri Group we pride ourselves on model best practice, and the way that you learn within Learning Revolution is exactly the type of personalized access we would hope to see your students experiencing.

Flexible Use - Personalized Certificates

to continue and document your professional learning

The web-based platform can be used by individuals and small groups of educators in professional learning communities, blended learning situations, or face-to-face. With the addition of wrap-around services provided by Metiri Group staff members, Learning Revolution is infinitely personalizable for any teacher, administrator, learning community, staff, or district. Each of our courses offer the opportunity to earn a personalized, signed certificate of completion with the course title included. Once users have completed the course content and the associated assessment at a specific level of competency they can instantly print or download their certificate of completion. Learning Revolution is currently testing micro-credentialing features and will be ready to release version 2 of the platform that allows badging in early 2016.

What educators are saying...

about the Learning Revolution personalized professional learning platform
  • Something to look forward to!

    When I saw these materials, my first question was "When can I use these?" because I needed them yesterday! I am really looking forward to using this as I coach teachers in my district.

    Kimberly, Tennessee
  • Love it!

    This is a whole new way of thinking about 21st Century learning and I love it, being able to access all of Metiri's great work is going to really help my teachers!

    George, Michigan
  • Incredible!

    This learning environment is incredible, I finally have an example of how to start personalizing learning for my students!

    Marty, Indiana
  • Awesome!

    Metiri provided a great learning experience for our organization. They have a unique perspective and are very engaging. They met our needs and went above and beyond by shaping the materials and online tools to our unique audience and needs. Attendees were all talking about the experience throughout the weeklong workshop. Metiri staff did a great job of making sure they spoke directly to the audience attending to the perspectives of teachers, administrators, and trainers. Metiri always goes above and beyond and provides excellent results. We would recommend them for any professional development focused on 21st century digital learning.

    Jill, Illinois