About Learning Revolution

Learning revolution is a professional learning environment that provides a self-directed, personalized professional learning for teachers and models what this type of learning environment looks like. The online courses that are available present an incredibly flexible space so that these tools can be expanded on or used immediately to meet your needs. The road-map that is shown below provides an overview of the full system. The designers at Metiri Group talked with educators from around the world to access their “must have” wish lists. While today’s design is high quality, this environment is continually growing and adapting to continue to meet educator’s needs in the future.


The Learning Revolution system is designed to be used in multiple ways. Check out our Use Scenarios online to understand more about the vision and research that continues to drive the development of the system.

Learning Revolution models personalized learning for teachers. While there is a call for personalized learning in schools, there are not a lot of examples of how to get started in personalizing content. When we designed Learning Revolution, we aimed to model a few different ways to personalize content to provide an example that teachers can potentially apply in the classroom with students.